Safe, open fieldbus system

As a safe, open fieldbus system for decentralised networking of safety-related applications, SafetyBUS p is regarded as the worldwide standard and is approved by BG and TÜV for applications up to Category 4 of EN 954-1, EN 60204, EN/IEC 62061 / to AK 6 DIN V 19250, SIL 3 of EN/IEC 61508 and NFPA 79.

Fast reaction times thanks to event-driven communication

SafetyBUS p is event-driven, i.e. messages are only sent when the status changes at the on-board or decentralised input/outputs, or at the subscribers. For this reason, SafetyBUS p is especially suitable for networking plants with different signalling rates and high requirements for response time.

Safe communication without feedback

With SafetyBUS p, the transfer of safety-related signals is physically and logically separate from the transfer of information from the standard control process. So a plant's standard automation process has no influence on the safety functions - which is a key factor in cases of emergency.

Few downtimes thanks to safe selective shutdown

Sensors and actuators are connected to the SafetyBUS p system via decentralised input/output modules. Within the application, plant sections that belong together logically can be configured as groups and switched off separately in the case of an error. The rest of the production process can continue running.

Maximum safety in compliance with the standards

SafetyBUS p is approved by BG for Category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1, EN 60204, EN IEC 62061, by TÜV in accordance with AK 6 DIN V 19250, SIL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 61508 and NFPA 79. This guarantees unlimited use in safety applications. The safe, open bus system meets the EMC requirements of the ESPE standard EN 61496-1 and is the first safety-related SEMI standard for sensor bus technology in the semiconductor industry to be incorporated into the E54 suite of standards.

Unlimited use in safety applications

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