Certification for SafetyNET p: DSL Ethernet Extender IEX-402-SHDSL from Moxa

With the DSL Ethernet Extender IEX-402-SHDSL from Moxa, Safety Network International e.V. has certified an infrastructure device that utilises the special properties of DSL communication for SafetyNET p. So Ethernet communication is possible via a simple two-wire cable instead of an Ethernet cable. This is a particular benefit when modernising or updating systems and when long distances are involved. This device enables SafetyNET p to be used without any significant installation work, because existing wires can be re-used.

The IEX-402-SHDSL from Moxa is an entry-level industrial Ethernet extender with a 10/100BaseT(X) and a DSL port. This Ethernet extender can be used to establish point-to-point connections via Twisted Pair copper cables in accordance with the standard G.SHDSL.bis. The device supports bit rates of up to 15.3 Mbps and long transmission distances of up to 8 km and so is also suitable for applications in the railway sector. The IEX-402-SHDSL series is designed for use in rugged operating environments. The device can be installed on top hat rails, has an extended operating temperature range (-40 to 75°C) and two voltage supply inputs. As a result it is ideally suitable for use in industrial applications.

To simplify configuration, the IEX-402-SHDSL is equipped with automatic CO/CPE negotiation. The device is pre-configured ex works to automatically assign to each pair of IEX devices on a device the status of subscriber end device (CPE status). The reliability and accessibility of communication networks are further enhanced by the LFP function (Link Fault Pass-Through) and network redundancy interoperability. Advanced management and monitoring functions, including a virtual control panel, provide the user with convenient options for troubleshooting.