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Safety applications are becoming ever more important in modern automation. For optimum management in future, manufacturers and integrators need far more than a bare technical solution that addresses their requirements. They need a platform which means they can already influence future developments today.

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  • We became a member of SNI e.V. in 2013 because the issue of safety increasingly affects the quality of the design and installation in automation and we wanted to work together to support users in their day-to-day work.


    André Gerlach Spokesperson and founder member of BdNI

  • As a manufacturer of safety technology for tactile sensor technology and interlock systems, membership of Safety Network International e.V. offers us a wide range of contact opportunities and gives us access to the very latest information. That's why we've been members of this organisation for years.


    Oliver Haake Company founder, General Manager and co-owner of Haake Technik GmbH

  • We have been members of Safety Network International e.V. for many years and appreciate the opportunity to have our products certified and discuss ideas for future developments with users and other manufacturers.


    Heiko Henschel Sales & Business Development Manager

  • As a research institution we are members of Safety Network International e. V. because our day-to-day work really benefits from the opportunity to share ideas with manufacturers and users from the many different fields of automation.


    Dr. Luca Durante CNR IEIIT, Senior researcher

  • The issue of mixing safety data from classic fieldbus systems with I/O data is becoming more important in applications.  As a developer of diagnostic devices used to determine communication quality in industrial networks, it is hugely important for us to work together with SNI and the staff in its technical working groups so that we are always up to date with the very latest in safety technology.


    René Heidl Indu-Sol GmbH, Technology and Development Manager

  • As a specialist for industrial networks we are committed to providing customised solutions for safe bus systems and enabling our customers to communicate via SafetyNET p.


    Andreas Müller KUNBUS GmbH, Marketing and Sales Director

  • Congratulations on 15 years of safe communication! The requirements of safety and security to standardise appropriate, practical communication solutions – that's one of the challenges of the next few years. SafetyNET p provides the ideal conditions.


    Armin Glaser Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Head of Product Management

  • We appreciate the opportunity to engage with professionals from our industry and to work with them actively to influence new technical developments. That we we are always in a position to offer our customers products that meet the very latest safety standards.


    Lars Jaeger Moxa Europe GmbH, Regional Sales Manager DACH

One membership, many benefits

As a member of Safety Network International e.V. your interests in the sphere of safe automation are ideally represented. For example you will be able to present yourself under the umbrella of the organisation at many international shows and events. You will also benefit from the organisation’s specialist knowledge and the expertise of specialists worldwide in the context of fact-finding events on machine safety or security in automation.

Regardless of what technology you need for your application: Safety Network International e.V. always provides safety in automation right from the outset.

Whether you are a user, integrator, university or product manufacturer: At Safety Network International e.V. you will be able to meet experts on equal terms and profit from the sheer breadth of opinions.

Whether you prefer to work through a technical committee or a working group: Safety Network International e.V. provides the perfect platform to follow your interests and achieve more by working alongside other members.

Whether you are looking for technological support or a general opportunity to share information and experiences: At Safety Network International e.V. you will benefit individually as well as collectively.

The organisation also offers the ideal environment in which to influence technical developments and avail yourself of the technical services and support on offer: Various working groups are available for this purpose. Even exchange within the network is a key benefit: Use the organisation to exchange ideas with experts on equal terms and work with them to define new guidelines and provide strong impetus for future developments.

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Benefit individually and collectively

Whether you’re a user or integrator; manufacturer or developer; university or individual opinion leader: All members benefit from what Safety Network International e.V. has to offer.

Technological support

Technological support is the basis of the organisation’s work. From support in implementing the system in new devices through to conformity testing, the organisation is there to support the individual development stages.

Another important element is the wide range of opportunities to support implementation projects or take charge of projects as part of a service package.

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Regular information

Documentation and access to our technical content, events and publications are also very important to us. So the organisation not only publishes technical articles, press information, brochures etc., but also provides interesting and up-to-date information, in particular with the newsletter Safety Network News and the magazine CONNECTED.

Subscribers to the newsletter and recipients of the magazine are regularly informed of current developments concerning the safe bus system SafetyBUS p and the Ethernet-based system SafetyNET p. Contents include the latest news from the user organisation, details of newly implemented applications and current developments relating to the standards. Members of the organisation also have the opportunity to get involved by submitting their own articles.


Wide-ranging services and support

In order to keep its members fully abreast of developments and trends in the world of automation, Safety Network International e.V. also offers a wide range of service and support. Members can find out more on the organisation’s website and download everything from up-to-date information to all the necessary technical documents.

Users also have access to the organisation’s marketing channels in order to publicise their application, as well as products and services surrounding certification for SafetyBUS p and SafetyNET p. By using the logo (Certified for …) they can exploit the organisation’s image and gain a foothold more rapidly in new, international markets.

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Sharing information and experiences

One very important aspect of the organisation’s work is providing and assuring an optimum environment for the individual members to share experiences and suggestions through working groups, exclusive expert committees, technical committees or joint events.

The members contribute their expertise on this shared platform and profit from the experience of the other members. Users get to know new technologies and their practical application, and can thus draw on the experience and expertise of device manufacturers in various aspects of automation. Manufacturers and integrators gain new ideas and technological impetus from their discussions with users and universities. Universities benefit from the wide-ranging wealth of practical experience of users, manufacturers and integrators.

To committees and working groups

Joint presentation

We offer our members the opportunity to present their companies, products and services in the field of safe automation at exhibitions and events.

By taking this joint approach it is easier to access target groups or reach out to the next generation at recruitment events. Focused marketing thus achieves multiplier effects.

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