Safety Network International e.V.

Safety Network International e.V. was founded with the objective of promoting the use and propagation of the safety-related bus system SafetyBUS p and later the industrial communication system SafetyNET p. Through the mutual exchange of technical developments, product certifications and collaboration in working groups and committees, the association was successful in developing SafetyNET p into a standard for Ethernet-based communication in automation technology. Today, SafetyNET p is an established, industry-proven and marketable communication infrastructure. As such the association has successfully fulfilled its mission.

As a result the members of Safety Network International e.V. have taken the decision to dissolve the association. As such Safety Network International e.V. is reacting to the changed market conditions. After SafetyNET p is embedded as an appropriate real-time Ethernet for safety-related tasks in the smart factory, members in future will be getting involved in cross-system projects and platforms. Pilz will support the connectivity in the Smart Factory: The target is the promotion manufacturer-independent communication protocols.

In future, users, manufacturers and interested parties will be able to find all the information they need for example at as well as on the Japanese blog